Adult Birthday Invitation Verse Ideas

Our clients have so many wonderful ideas for quotes & wording on their photo party invitations! Here are some of our recent favorite adult birthday invitation verse ideas from recent adult birthday invitation orders (although many of these can easily be changed to suit any event).

  1. In all the world there is none other we’d rather call “wife” and “mother…”
  2. Please join us to surprise ____ and celebrate her ___th birthday!
  3. The steaks are on the grill, the table is set. ___ turns ___ – We can’t let him forget! So mark your calendar, and save the date. KEEP THIS A SURPRISE and don’t be late!
  4. Look who’s turning ___!! Please join us for a SURPRISE birthday party for…
  5. You have been dealt an invitation to their Birthday Party!
  6. He told me, ‘I don’t want a party, get me __ tickets instead’ But when have I ever listened to a thing that he’s said?  So I decided to invite the friends we hold dear to help celebrate his ___th year!  He loved The Shadow, Sinatra, and Tar Heels the most, so come share a few memories and raise a toast!
  7. Raise a glass to cheer ____’s __th birthday year!
  8. Please join us for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and dancing in honor of ___’s –th birthday.
  9. Shhhh…It’s a Surprise! Please come celebrate and share in the joy as ____ turns ____!
  10. Please join us for drinks, dinner and fun to celebrate ___’s ___th birthday!
  11. “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!” – Robert Frost Please join us at a reception in celebration of…Adult Birthday Invitation Verse Ideas - Quotes & Wording Party
  12. ___ is turning __ – A new decade this year – And we want to surprise him – With all of you there – The party’s a secret – He doesn’t know yet – And if you keep quiet – A surprise he will get!
  13. Remember the happy times, Raise a glass with cheer. Come celebrate with ___,
    In honor of his _th year!
  14. ____ &  ____ cordially invite you to join them in celebration of their mom’s _th birthday.
  15. Say it ain’t so . . . ___ is gonna be the Big 4-0! He said “A party? No way!” But I thought it over and decided to have one anyway! Please join us for a SURPRISE Birthday Party.
  16. Forty years in the making, ___ reaches a milestone of epic proportions!
  17. __ years later and he’s still a babe!  Please join us for food, drinks and fun in honor of _____’s ___th birthday.
  18. _____’s thirties are coming to an end, so we’re getting together with a few good friends. We’ll celebrate up until the very last, so come on over and join our festive bash.
  19. She’s another year older, a new decade this year & we want to surprise her, with all of you here.  The party’s a secret, she doesn’t know yet & if you keep quiet, a surprise she will get!!!
  20. ______ said, ‘I don’t want a party, let’s go out to dinner instead!’ But when have we ever listened to a word he’s said? So we decided to invite all the friends he holds dear
    To celebrate his __th year! Since he loves to joke & tease you the most, Now it’s your turn for a toast or a roast!
  21. Counting her birthdays by the number of friends, not years, please join our family for a Harvest Party to celebrate…
  22. He loves to golf and he loves to eat, so come and help celebrate with one more trick or treat!
  23. _____ told me “I don’t want a party, get me a new fly Rod instead!” But when have I ever listened to a thing he’s said? So I decided to invite those we hold dear To help celebrate HIS __TH YEAR! So if you can make it, here’s a word to the wise Make sure to come early because it’s a SURPRISE!
  24. Come Celebrate with us at a SURPRISE Open House honoring
  25. “Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.”-unknown

See all of our Adult Birthday Invitations in our gallery, on which you can place any of these verses or write your own!

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