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Adoptable Great Pyrenees Rescue Mix Dog

Adoptable Great Pyrenees Rescue Mix Dog - Florida Forever Home PlayfulIn our Duck family of two forever rescue dogs who bless our lives every day, we have the opportunity to share with you one of the temporary friends that are looking for a forever home of their very own in Florida now too! This sweet, playful and adoptable Great Pyrenees rescue mix dog is enjoying the sunny FL outdoors and hoping that posing for some cute photos will find him a forever home through Aussie and Me, the rescue group that brought us our sweet Sami Bear.

If you have ever wished for your very own professor, the brainy Shenanigans is your boy! Always looking for entertainment & mischief, he is a willing partner in crime for your fur kids and children alike. The outdoors is his favorite playground, where he will help you keep your dirt freshly dug, check all your sprinklers, prune your bushes and pull weeds with great glee. He has mastered the art of the adorable flop, big grin and LOVES belly rubs, he also loves to snuggle after playtime and is sure that he can fit into your lap!

Shenanigans’ perfect day involves as little crate time as possible, as he likes to be out and about with his humans, dogs and exploring his world! He loves his outdoor time in a secure, fenced yard with space to dig in the dirt and enjoy the wind, preferably with the company of other dogs or humans. His light-weight Catahoula single coat is perfect for the Florida weather and easy to clean after time outdoors getting dirty. After he has tired himself out romping and playing and digging, he likes to snuggle up with a favorite bone, human and/or dog for lots of love, some attention and happy smiles. He does not have any herding, retrieving or hunting instincts displayed so far, so he does not nip at heels or pester you to throw the ball.

The rough and tumble boy in Shenanigans loves to wrestle, romp, and play with other medium-large dogs, he can also be seen as a white streak darting from side to side of the backyard at full speed so a sturdy fence (that he cannot dig underneath) is a must! Since he is a larger dog who likes to romp & play intensely, his play style would be too unintentionally rough for small dogs, cats and children under 6. He prefers not to be kept in his crate any more than necessary, and is very creative about escaping from crates and rooms if confined during the day for long periods of time.

Because he is a smart and creative puppy, he will need proper one-on-one training time and attention to direct his brains and energy into proper rules of the house and the behavior that you wish. If you invest that time initially, he will be an amazing, sweet, smart and loving dog who will be up for any adventure that you undertake or any activity your children are undertaking!

He is housebroken, crate trained, microchipped, 45 pounds right now, up to date on all shots, flea meds & heartworm and very healthy! See more information, view more puppies & adoptable dogs, submit applications and ask questions on the Aussie and Me website.

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