Fruity Cheerios Review – A Fruity Alternative

Fruity Cheerios Review – A Fruity Alternative

By Daddy Creature

When you walk down the aisle at your local supermarket for cereals, an armada of choices assault your eyes. The big names from General Mills, Kellogg’s and the local generic brand are all trying to get your attention with either the latest sweet tooth hook or the latest toy your child is likely to scream for. If you are looking for something somewhat healthy but yet appealing to your child, then Fruity Cheerios is a viable option.

There have been a number of fruity choices for us to munch on in the morning from Toucan Sam’s Fruit Loops, to the Silly Rabbit and the Trix he tries to get from us kids all the time. But a fairly new kid to the block is Fruity Cheerios and hopefully it can find its way into your pantry at home. However, it should be noted that while all the commercials in the world say, “PART of a complete breakfast” and that none of these cereals are intended to be the only thing you eat in the morning. That said, I would venture to say that most of us rarely take the time to get beyond the OJ and cereal and milk, much lest the toast, eggs and whatever they picture in the commercials.

If you look at the Nutrition Facts on the side of most cereals in this segment, many similarities come to surface. The key being Vitamin C, A and B6 and 12 which never get above 25% on their own and peaking around 35% with 1/2 cup of white water…er…skim milk. That on its own isn’t very impressive due to the fact that regular Lucky Charms gets the same amounts of Vitamin B and only 10% less of Vitamin A and C. In fact, the sugar count is usually 8 grams higher in fruity cereals than your regular Cheerios. There is Orange Juice concentrate in the mix which other fruity cereals don’t have, but that is about it. So on a nutritional level, there isn’t a whole lot to write home about.

However, the taste factor is another story. Regular Cheerios is a low-sugar cereal and a healthy choice and its fruity sibling is also low sugar but with a lot more taste. The texture and size are the same as you expect but there is a tang and a fruit kick to it as soon as it hits your tongue. It is more authentic tasting as a fruit cereal than say Trix or Fruit Loops which leaves an aftertaste of sugar rather than a real fruity taste. But since taste is purely a subjective element, it would be up to you to decide. The yogurt blast Cheerios would be a good idea to implement with a fruit blast perhaps instead of just flavoring.

Also, is hosting a Fruity Cheerios kids’ photo contest.  Submit a photo of your kid eating Fruity Cheerios and you have a chance to win $500.  Hurry up–the deadline is May 18!

Bottom Line: Fruity Cheerios is a healthier alternative to the other fruit cereals on the market, but not by leaps and bounds. If you enjoy a complete breakfast, than it is a good addition to round it out. It would also be a great snack food during the day and for your kids as well. I give it 3 clean diapers out of 5.

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