6 Clever Ways To Celebrate Your Canine’s Birthday

6 Clever Ways To Celebrate Your Canine’s Birthday

Since we treat our pets just like any other member of our family, we also celebrate the day they were born or in some cases, their “gotcha day,” when the anniversary of their arrival hits our calendars. But we can think outside the traditional dog-friendly box when it comes to giving them a birthday cake or throwing a pet party when embracing this day with them.

Even though you may want to have your friends and family over for this event, here’s some more original ways you can honor your four-legged best friend and give them what they really want:

6 Clever Ways To Celebrate Your Canine’s Birthday

#1 – A Favorite Place

Unless your pet suffers from canine vestibular apparatus, aka motion sickness, most of them enjoy going on road trips with us. Depending upon the breed of dog, their individuality and the time of year, some of them absolutely love the beach, while others enjoy a romp in the snow or a trip to the country. Give your dog an outdoor adventure that you’ll both relish and remember during this special day.

#2 – New Friends

Usually a dog and their master will already have some four-legged friends and favorite places to visit, but that doesn’t me we have to limit our social circle or destinations. Using popular apps we can connect with fellow canine lovers, form new friendships and discover unique animal-friendly locations along with other pets that can become our new favorite friends.

#3 – Having Brunch

What’s better on a Sunday afternoon than a nice brunch, that celebratory meal we fit in between the most important meal of the day and our mid day feeding. For our canine’s special day, we can enjoy a sit down meal with them during the late morning hours and nibble on some bacon treats. If you plan ahead, you can invite some of Fido’s friends over to join the party.

#4 – A Pet Portrait

Pet-friendly places continue to pop up everywhere and there’s many specialty services that are flooding the animal marketplace. Think about taking your animal in for a pet portrait on their party-worthy day. If you don’t want to hire a professional, you can always take some amazing selfies with them and watch your Instagram account go crazy with views of your doggie’s delightful day. Share these photos of you and your best friend online and you’ll see your Facebook page flooded with “likes” and birthday wishes for you and your best friend.

6 Clever Ways To Celebrate Your Canine’s Birthday

#5 – Dog Massage

Again, with more animal friendly locations and activities becoming available almost everywhere, a new popular trend with dogs is an animal massage. Massage therapy is often recommended for pets as a part of rehabilitation, but these techniques also offer many healthy benefits including better flexibility and improved circulation. If there isn’t a massage clinic that caters to animals near you, there’s plenty of videos online about how to utilize some simple techniques.

#6 – Birthday Cake and Party

Throw them a canine-friendly birthday party and make (or buy) them a special cake comprised entirely of doggie delights and you’ll ensure their special day is one to remember. Invite friends and family to this special event with you and your four-legged best friend. Think of different ways you can enjoy this unique day that will be extra enjoyable for them as well.

By Naomi Shaw

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