Family Finance Goals – Rebalancing Checkup

Family Finance Goals – Rebalancing Checkup

Where have the months gone? It is mid-year and we have a financial check-up for this month.

Rebalancing can make a substantial difference in your rate of return on your investments – especially protecting in a downturn. Once you have decided your mix of stocks, bonds and cash, check all accounts and make any re balance transfers to maintain your financial goals.

Does your retirement plan need rebalancing? Often this is sadly neglected – once in there we forget about it thinking our job is done until retirement. Not so!

If you feel like this is overwhelming, have you considered making an appointment with an independent financial planner? Personally we like a fee only type of financial planner for a once a year “get-an-expert’s-advise”. Not that we always agree, but it does get us thinking and it has made substantial increases in our financial standing over the years. For more advise on how to find this type of advice, we use and search the topics on the Clark Howard web site.

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