16 household items that are better than toys!

Ever wonder why we bother buying toys?? Here are 16 household items that are better than toys and great fun for busy toddlers (so much for that expensive birthday gift, I’m getting him a cardboard box!!).

  1. An old-fashioned rolling pin
  2. The (clean) mop
  3. A stepstool
  4. Laundry baskets – making a fort, a stepstool, toy holder, baby boat, etc.
  5. Cardboard boxes
  6. Calculators – Lil Duck has one where you push the button and the flap opens and props the calculator up, he can play with it for hours!
  7. Small pieces of luggage
  8. Pots and pans – not just for pretend cooking, also for filling with toys, Cheerios, etc.
  9. DVD cases (take the DVD’s out though, Lil’ Duck has snapped a few in half, rendering those $50 PS2 games useless).
  10. Shoes – the bigger, the better!
  11. Cell phones
  12. Big purses
  13. Dog toys (YUCK!!)
  14. Magazines/catalogs – Lil Duck will sit and page thru carefully, noting interesting items as he goes along. He especially likes Game Informer and Baby Talk – I think it is the characters and the babies.
  15. Wallets – I lost a few credit cards thanks to him…..
  16. Remotes (we have the battery compartments held on by gaffer tape so he can’t open them).

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  1. Leah #

    i am doing a project in highschool for child care growth and developement and i’m making a book about parenting and how to treat a child and keep them occupied. Its going great ;) i have tried these ideas with the neighborhood kids and they all work :)

  2. One of the Grandpa’s has a giant calculator with giant buttons that are better suited for his eyes. That has got to be one of the greatest kid toys of all time.

  3. Absolutely! I lost an entire wallet due to the interest in #15. And there is nothing better than a cardboard box and some crayons! We’ve been to Mars, won a NASCAR race and sailed across the ocean. What fun in a box … and to think we were going to pay thousands for a boat. :>



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