13 things on my floor…

Ah, the life with a toddler. I’d never have imagined I could have more than 13 things on my floor that weren’t supposed to be there – pre-Lil Duck, that is. Now, I’m happy if I can count the number of things on my floor…

  1. A two-foot fire truck. Complete with 3 1/2 ft. ladder with a Weeble on top.
  2. Another Weeble (and boy do those things hurt when your foot finds them in the middle of the night…)
  3. A bunch of Cheerios – the little one decided that instead of eating his breakfast, it was much nicer to launch them across the room. Fascinating, but messy.
  4. Two little baby socks – since he can’t stand to keep them on his feet, he is always taking them off and stashing them.
  5. A red Matchbox-car sized Lightning McQueen… one of two, since the original was missing for a few weeks and it was greatly missed, of course as soon as we replaced it the original turned up…
  6. A toy cell phone, which he does play with, but doesn’t keep him from taking my real phone and calling…. EVERYONE… and screaming his head off when I take it away.
  7. A rug, printed to look like a city with roads and buildings and everything – which is normally laid out flat in the playroom. However, Lil’ Duck got creative last night when asked to clean up all his toys – he got a gleam in his eye, went over and rolled up the rug, hiding all the toys inside. Little guy takes after his mama… ;)
  8. Daddy’s calculator – appropriated by the little one. It’s one where you push a button and it flips open, very fascinating & providing hours of entertainment. Too bad Daddy Creature never gets to use it…
  9. Elmo…. poor Elmo, laying on his back. We stand him up and make him dance, but all the little guy wants to do is push him over to hear him say “Oops, Elmo fell down!” – this is always followed by uncontrollable cackling from the little one. So much for compassion…
  10. A marketing book. I have no idea why, perhaps the little one has great plans…
  11. The seat of one of my bar stools. Now that the little guy has mastered the art of climbing the stools, he has to dismantle them. Just look before you sit down :).
  12. Stolen envelopes from my product orders – he is always snatching the extras and running off with them to “package Mommy’s orders now”.
  13. Trains!!

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  1. Our Elmo suffers the same way. xD

  2. Ctina #

    I enjoy #9…poor Elmo!

  3. Amy #

    Yep, I remember those days.

    Now I have a certain special kind of hearing that hears toys hit the floor. Immediately, without notice, I yell “Take it to your room!”

  4. Titania #

    Those brought back memories. I have a 12 year old and a 22 year old. I will share a funny thing my daughter would do . At Easter she would hide the Marshmallow bunnies until they were hard and then I would catch her playing with them as if they were plastic toys! I was horrified when I found her stash. :o)~

    I thought you would enjoy that.
    Have a nice day.

  5. “…rolled up the rug, hiding all the toys inside.”

    With Spring cleaning in full swing here at twc central, I NEED that one! Gonna use it, too!


  6. Sunny #

    Does it ever get better?


  7. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff found on your floor. Still, if I go home and count, I’ll bet we have more. This is not a good thing. :)

    Hey, can you teach me how to do the “read more” link that you used on this post?

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