13 Food Ideas For Birthday Parties

13 Food Ideas For Birthday Parties:

  1. Sounds like BBQ time to me – you can go as simple as hot dogs and burgers or make a more elaborate menu of marinated chicken, ribs, etc. depending upon your budget. You can save even more by shopping in bulk.
  2. Build your own hot dog bar! Kids like plain dogs, melted cheese, onions, grilled peppers, etc. Have chili for the adults & some burgers (also veggie).
  3. Grilled Hawaiian chicken. Pre-cook the chicken breasts, then throw them on the grill in pre-made foil packs of teriyaki, pineapple and chicken.
  4. A bag of chicken strips can make some kid-happy chicken fingers as well!
  5. Jello jigglers in matching party colors – cut them out with themed cookie cutters for a festive touch.
  6. Watermelon slices (for outside parties only, make sure to get the seedless variety for younger children).
  7. Pre-made salads at your local grocery store deli (cole slaw, potato, etc.)
  8. Pre-cooked Spiral Ham – it’s fancy, feeds a crowd & uses the same toppings as hot dogs or hamburgers. Ask the deli workers to slice it for you & save additional time.
  9. Wings
  10. Roasted Chicken – you can even have 50 or so pieces delivered a few times during the party so it stays hot and fresh.
  11. Use cookie cutters to create themed, easy finger-food sandwiches (use simple fillings like tuna salad, peanut butter, cheese & ham, etc and be sure to clearly mark the plates for those with allergies).
  12. Chilled fruit & dip – whatever is in season (beware of grapes & anything with pits if the party has young children).
  13. Add your own in comments!

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10 Responses to 13 Food Ideas For Birthday Parties

  1. Damozel #

    It’s been a long time since I had to plan a party, but I’ll forward these excellent suggestions to my niece. Love the hot dog bar one.

  2. Hmmm, I’m having a birthday party for my 7-year-old son on Saturday and we are going way easy with pizza. At least I’m baking the cake!

  3. FeeFiFoto #

    Make your own pizza — put those kids to work!

  4. I like the fruit & dip idea. I remember having some type of cream cheese dip, at one time. It was delicious.
    Happy TT!

  5. Tiffany Anne #

    Jello jigglers. Yummy!!! Happy T13!

  6. It doesn’t matter how elaborate the food is for any adults at the party, you can’t go wrong with hotdogs for the kids. They just love ’em and they’re cheap.

  7. Great list. We like the fruit and dip idea too, especially if the dip is chocolate.

    Another idea we like is crackers with Easy Cheese and cake with Reddi-whip. It’s not cheap, but it’s food and fun all at once.

  8. jenn #

    They all sound like yummy ideas. I make kabobs with chicken and pineapples, covered in bbq sauce.
    Happy TT!

  9. Mmmm…Jello jigglers.


  1. Lil' Duck Duck

    Hawaiian Hot Dog Surprise…

    Place hot dog pieces, pineapple, brown sugar, sugar and baked beans into a slow cooker. Cook on high for 15 minutes, turn down to low and let simmer for another 15 minutes, or until ready to serve. This dish can be kept on low all day….

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