13 favorite phrases of the week….

13 favorite phrases of the week:

  1. “Oh no, mess!!” – whether it be in a book, on TV or here in my house, he takes great delight in making and viewing messes of all kinds.
  2. “No bed, no room, hug Mommy peeeeaase!!” – the little anti-sleep baby is a master at getting out of bedtime.
  3. “Hungry, so hungy, eat cake peeeasse??!!” – ha ha ha!
  4. “Poop in diaper, ‘tinky, change to clean pease??” – followed by laughter and sticking his behind near your face….. the better to smell you with??
  5. “No touch Daddy’s books, want to touch, uh-oh” – complete with little hand-wringing as he attempts to contain those busy little hands who want to make mischief….
  6. “Call grand-ma, cell phone, nuggets, fries & drink!” – we must call Grandma and the other part refers to Grandma taking him to McDonalds for a treat….
  7. In response to, “Do you want to go to McDonald’s with Mommy and Daddy??” – “No, mama, ‘donalds Grandma, nuggets, fries, drink, yummy, no mommy daddy” – ha ha ha.
  8. “Clothes, pants, shirt, cean diaper, socks, shoes, go bye-bye, ‘tarbucks!!” – good motivation to get dressed in the morning, I suppose!
  9. “Mama, lie down bed, watch TV, deal, no deal, yay!” – more on this later ;).
  10. “dis music, play MY music, dance ducky!” – no accomodation for other’s musical preferences here!
  11. “Mama, Daddy give ice cream, cold, yummy, wow!!” – little tattletale!
  12. “Mommys car, lights on, wheels round, go car, go!!”
  13. “Ducky, ‘ifford, hippy, spinny, hug, mama” – everything near and dear to him for bedtime, naptime, or journeys to the outside world.

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  1. Darling! Thanks for sharing! Mine only has a few words so far, but more will come soon :-)

    Here via Carnival of Family Life

  2. Too cute! Love the list. The McDonalds one kills me, I can see that one coming from mine soon.

  3. They sure grow fast don’t they?

    Holly’s Corner
    Here via the Carnival of Family Life. ;o)

  4. Go car go! I love it. What a great TT idea! Can’t wait to see more and I am definately voting for you at blogvillage, I am listed there too, small world!

  5. Thanks for the post submission to the carnival of family life. Very cute!!

  6. Oh, too darn funny!!!! How precious!

  7. Great list, and how adorable! I just love the things kids say.

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