13 crazy things mommies have said…

13 crazy things mommies have said…

Here’s a fun collection for your day!

  1. “Honey, don’t draw on the kitty cat please!”
  2. I do kind of egg him on when he’s throwing a tantrum. That could be considered crazy. He get angry and I imitate him.
  3. “Eww!! We don’t eat poop!!!”
  4. “We don’t color on our brother’s face!!” She once got a highlighter and colored all over his face – poor guy.
  5. “The cat wont make music when you pull her head and tail.”
  6. “Please get your fingers away from the kitty’s butt. I don’t think she would like that very much.”
  7. “Please don’t throw daddy’s underwear in the bathtub with his cell phone.”
  8. “Darling, the shoe lace is not a telephone.”
  9. “Sweetie, the kitty cannot play your trumpet!”
  10. “Don’t eat the wall, honey!”
  11. “Please don’t wear mommy’s panties on your head. They aren’t a hat.”
  12. “Honey, please don’t put on my bikini top, Daddy wouldn’t be very happy if he saw you dressed like that.”
  13. “No, the dog doesn’t have a poopy diaper and need to be changed.”

23 Responses to 13 crazy things mommies have said…

  1. Wacky Mommy #

    Funneeeeeee! My list is up.

  2. Karen W #

    Someone could write a book, “Mothers say the Darndest Things”

  3. Hahaha, the joys of having children!

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