Birth Announcement Verse Ideas

Celebrate your newborn with these cute birth announcement verse ideas! You can use any of these newborn baby card wording suggestions on any of our photo birth announcement designs in our galleries. Have another verse to share? Please do so using the comments field below!

  1. Birth Announcement Verse Ideas - Newborn Baby Card Wording Suggestions“First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything.”
  2. “We have been blessed with a baby girl/boy…” or “We proudly welcome our gift from above”
  3. “______ is pleased to announce the arrival of his/her baby sister/brother…” (or “____ has a new best friend… his/her baby brother/sister!” )
  4. “Another baby boy/girl to bring joy to our lives…”
  5. “Our little Ladybug has arrived! We want you to meet…”
  6. “A Possibility Was Born The Day You Were Born And It Will Live As Long As You Live”
  7. “God blessed us with a gift, and we named him/her ________”
  8. “All God’s grace, in one little face…”
  9. “The best things in life are worth waiting for!”
  10. “Created with Love, Carried with Hope, Welcomed with Joy…”
  11. “Bless her/his little Irish heart and every other little Irish part.” or “May strong arms hold you, caring hearts tend you and may love await you at every step.” – Irish Blessing
  12. “A Brand New Baby Boy Filling Our Lives With Joy…”
  13. “The world is full of wondrous joys… like the miracle of our little boy/girl!”

Check out all of our Photo Birth Announcements today, on which you can place any of these verses or write your own!

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  2. Love those lines :D

    Happy TT!

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  5. Those are all very nice.
    Have a great Thursday and if you wish pop by my TT at The Cafe at the END of the Universe & Mama Bear Reads.

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