13 amusing search phrases for the past month…

From my Sitemeter, 13 amusing search phrases for the past month! It is always amusing to see what people do search for and it’s still a mystery how they arrive at my site after some of these!

  1. Is it ok to allow toddler to play with potty seat? (NO!!)
  2. Funny looking monkeys.
  3. Can toothpaste ruin leather? (I am happy to say that I have not had the occasion to learn the answer to this from personal experience yet!)
  4. When are 2 year molars? (heh!)
  5. Endless screaming baby. (My sympathies)
  6. Remove sharpie clothes. (Perhaps this one resulted in the next search, “Remove sharpie babies”? ;))
  7. How to take permanent marker off guitar. (It never fails to amuse me, the abundance of odd items that I see people wishing to remove permanent marker from, apparently the word “permanent” needs definition. Poor guitar.)
  8. Senseo coffee duck reviews. (The ducks do love their Senseo, but duck coffee does not sound delicious!)
  9. Baby cow shower invitations. (I presume they were looking for our Farm Animal Baby Shower Barnyard Invitation, but now I’m picturing all the mommy cows gathered around for a baby shower ;))
  10. Teething cures. (Um, cutting the teeth??)
  11. Halloween custom cars. (Probably didn’t find what they were looking for here ;)).
  12. Ways to get permanent marker off headlights. (See #7 above…)
  13. Permanent marker fetish (ROTFL!!).

8 thoughts on “13 amusing search phrases for the past month…

  1. LOL…permanent marker fetish??? I don’t even want to know…:-P Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Ha Ha….me loved these phrases…

    Happy TT!

  3. I like checking mine, too. It’s amusing. Looks like you get a lot of people interested in permanent markers. I usually get “enchilada recipe” every day. It’s funny what some people search on.

  4. You just never know what interests people…lol. Happy TT.

  5. Oh, good one! I haven’t checked mine in a while. There’s no telling what I’ll find.

  6. People type odd things. I wonder if there is a correlation between the weirdest search terms and the time of the search?

  7. The things people do on the internet! Crazy!

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